TMK on Dulcimer

IBM Model M from 1989 with mounted dulcimer

The dulcimer project is a USB replacement controller for the IBM Model M keyboard.

You can find the original documentation here:


The port of the TMK firmware to the dulcimer USB controller for the IBM Model M keyboard can be found on my Github:


This controller uses an ATmega32 and the VUSB library for USB support as this controller doesn't include a real USB interface.

You can use the original dulcimer hardware without modification with this TMK firmware.

If you don't own one, you can build one yourself. In the circuit sub-folder is a KiCAD project for the dulcimer.

It's a one layer PCB using only through hole components so you can etch your self a PCB.

Model M with USB connector Original IBM controller from 1986 Dulcimer replacement controller for IBM Model M


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